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Annabelle Tiam-Fook is a jewellery designer who studied jewellery design and manufacture at the British Academy of Jewellery. Previously she was a psychologist and researcher, and had studied art and design for several years before her degree in psychology.

Each piece of jewellery is carefully hand made by her on her workbench. She has been making beautiful bespoke jewellery for private clients for several years, each piece unique and designed especially for the client. 



She has made numerous engagement and wedding rings, and also customised birthstone pieces for clients from around the world including America, Australia, Singapore, England, Scotland, France and many more.


Annabelle enjoys creating bespoke pieces for people, which can come from the smallest of ideas, or patterns. Her designs are inspired by the colours she sees around her in every day life, nature, and her mother's beautiful garden which has hundreds of flowers and roses to draw inspiration from.


Annabelle's dream is to make many beautiful pieces of jewellery for people all over the world.

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